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All the Pictures

I wanted to post a zip file of high-resolution copies of all of the pictures from Paulina Lake, but it would have made about a 185 MB file which is really too big to download. Instead I converted them all to lower resolution (1024×768 pixels) which makes for a much smaller download but still lets [...]

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Paulina Lake

We went to Paulina Lake over the weekend with Molly, Jon, Jason, Kristina and the babies for a family reunion of sorts with Molly’s brothers and their descendants. It was so fun!!! We went last year and I’m pretty sure everyone is on for going again next year.

We stayed in one cabin with the Stafford [...]

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GranMolly’s Birthday Party

GranMolly turned 62 on the 14th, so we had birthday festivites at our house. Shad made awesome ribs. They were awesome despite (or maybe because of) a recipe that called for boiling them in beer and vinegar and adding instant coffe and an old boot in addition to the more typical ingredients.

The real highlight was [...]

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Sophie’s School Birthday Potluck

Sophie’s school turned 36 years old last night, so they held a potluck.

Sophie got ballon fairy wings, announcing to random people “Hey, Look! I’m a fairy!” She also got fairies painted on her cheeks. She danced with the musical entertainment, a style that she told me she called “The Speed of Ballet”. She certainly participated [...]

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Ballerina Sophie

Sophie is in ballet at The Eugene School of Ballet. She’s so cute in her little leotard and ballet shoes! Of course, she’s only had three lessons, but she’s proving to be a very good little dancer. She follows directions very well, enjoys bar work and very much enjoys getting dressed up to go. She [...]

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