Ballerina Sophie

Sophie is in ballet at The Eugene School of Ballet. She’s so cute in her little leotard and ballet shoes! Of course, she’s only had three lessons, but she’s proving to be a very good little dancer. She follows directions very well, enjoys bar work and very much enjoys getting dressed up to go. She reminds me everytime that they do not tolerate hair on her face or neck and she’s trying her best to grow her hair long enough to be put into a bun.

Doing Warmups in Ballet Class

The girls are frequently instructed to skip or otherwise glide along the floor, with their arms waving gracefully, to music. Well, our Sophie chooses instead to run accross the studio, flapping her wings. We work on it with her, improvement is expected shortly. She has also been running at speeds unstoppable and either slammed right into another, more calm ballerina or just deliberately knocked one out of the way with her elbow.

Dancing with a Scarf

She does not like to be asked if she can do first position. So just don’t ask.

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