Paulina Lake

We went to Paulina Lake over the weekend with Molly, Jon, Jason, Kristina and the babies for a family reunion of sorts with Molly’s brothers and their descendants. It was so fun!!! We went last year and I’m pretty sure everyone is on for going again next year.

On the Front Porch

We stayed in one cabin with the Stafford clan. Uncle Dick stayed next door with his two adult children, Keri and Rich. Uncle Pete was just down the hill and it was a short walk over to Uncle Steve and Aunt Jan’s cabin where their daughters, Becky and Peggy stayed with their families, including Sophie’s cousins, Sydney (6) and Emma (almost 4). Knock on pretty much any door and you were related to the person opening it.

Sophie with her Cousins

Shad had access to a friend’s inflatable boat (it’s NOT a raft!), so we spent some time out on the lake. Despite the fact that Sophie had promised Shad that she would catch a “nice, big, juicy fish” for him, she didn’t really have the attention span for fishing, but she sure liked getting 50 feet out onto the lake and then suggesting that we go back. I only caught chub, no trout, and a number of fish were actually able to eat my worm without getting hooked. No one else seemed to be much successful than I was, so I figure the fishing was just bad.Still, it was so beautiful and fun out on the water, we had a great time. I didn’t want to have to clean and then eat fish anyway.


As is the case at any family event, there was more than enough food to go around, and eating while visiting seemed to be the highlight of everyone’s weekend. It’s like a weird bacon and eggs trick or treat– you make breakfast, serving it to the people in your cabin and to anyone else who drops by, then you leave someone else to man the stove and you go make the rounds yourself. Shad enjoyed three breakfasts on Saturday and Sophie got two on Sunday.

The Kid's Table

The three girl cousins got to play together a lot. It was nice to see Sophie play with the girls and have such a good time– going back and forth between the two families’ cabins and running around outside.

Emma and Sophie in the Playhouse

Mostly, we just sat around visiting, eating, fishing, and walking down to the dock. Just how a weekend should be, really.

Sophie and Shad

Out for a Walk

The weather was perfect, not cold, not hot. Suprisingly, the temperature fell right in my very narrow comfort zone all weekend. When we got back into the Valley though, we were greeted by 100+ degree heat. We went to the library and had a water fight to keep cool, and were successful for a while, but did not have the most comfortable night.

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