All the Pictures

I wanted to post a zip file of high-resolution copies of all of the pictures from Paulina Lake, but it would have made about a 185 MB file which is really too big to download. Instead I converted them all to lower resolution (1024×768 pixels) which makes for a much smaller download but still lets everyone see all the pics if they want. You can download the Paulina Lake pictures here. It is a zip format archive of about 12 MB, let me know if you have any trouble opening it and I should be able to help you out.

I did the same conversion for pictures from the Baby Shower which you can get here (~9 MB). There are lots of good pictures of the twins and Sophie and Gracie. Gaps in the photo numbering are due to movies which were removed as they make the archives too big.

Becky here!! If any of you have pictures you would like to pass on we would love to have them and we would be willing to zip-n’-post ‘em so that everyone can see what everyone has. At least I think that we could do that–Shad?

Shad here, yes we would be happy to do that.

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