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Sort of Fishing

On Saturday we went to a lake to go fishing with our friends, the Carriers. We took two inflatable boats, on for each family, so that we could all go out together. As the men were pumping the first one up, they heard a hiss. “Don’t worry, I have a patch kit, ” Jonathan says. [...]

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Sophie the Sample Lady

Shad and I were nesting and in the rubble of what used to be on our bathroom shelves, Sophie found this shower cap. She wore it around and then announced that she was the sample lady at Costco. We spent the next hour sampling apple juice and grape Capri Sun out of shot classes. She’s [...]

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Sophie in Sari

This is one of the outfits that Mima brought back from Singapore for Sophie. Sophie wore it to a friend’s wedding this weekend and got compliments from just about everyone who passed by. She was SO adorable.

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Site Administrivia

A couple quick notes for everyone: Thanks for registering and adding your comments and due-date guesses to the website. Becky and I have enjoyed seeing them immensely.
Many of you may not realize that you have the option of changing your password and a few other things about your account. If you choose the “Site Admin” [...]

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The County Fair

On Tuesday, we joined Molly and Jon and our friend Robyn (also very pregnant) and her daughter Kathryne (Sophie’s best friend) at the fair. The girls enjoyed the rides together.

Becky did not get to go on the Ferris Wheel (on any other ride for that matter) because she is too noticeably pregnant, but Shad and [...]

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