Site Administrivia

A couple quick notes for everyone: Thanks for registering and adding your comments and due-date guesses to the website. Becky and I have enjoyed seeing them immensely.

Many of you may not realize that you have the option of changing your password and a few other things about your account. If you choose the “Site Admin” link along the right-hand side of the screen (it only shows up after you’ve logged in) it will take you to a page with links to things like “write an article” and stuff. Most of those links won’t work for you, but along the top is a link to “Profile” where you can change your password and other information. You may have seen the profile screen already since the site is supposed to take you there automatically, but that doesn’t seem to work consistently so may not have happened for everyone.
Becky and I would love to have people continue to comment on the articles, so feel free to write whatever you want (on topic or not) for each posting.

One final note, there is a bug with our website (really with Internet Explorer) that causes the right-hand navigation links to not appear until the bottom of the page for some people. If you are using FireFox (or really any other browser than IE) they should show up correctly already. I will eventually get a workaround in place so that they show up at the top of the page for all users.

Also, please feel free to email me with questions/comments/suggestions for the website. I promise I won’t take offense to anything and I’d love to hear what you all think of it.

  1. Becky said on August 22nd, 2006 at 7:14 am:

    Aren’t my posts more fun to read than Shad’s? But thanks babe, I didn’t have to take a Unisom last night.

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