Sort of Fishing

On Saturday we went to a lake to go fishing with our friends, the Carriers. We took two inflatable boats, on for each family, so that we could all go out together. As the men were pumping the first one up, they heard a hiss. “Don’t worry, I have a patch kit, ” Jonathan says. BANG!! That’s going to need to be a pretty big patch, because the side of the boat blew out. At least we had a nice picnic.

But Sophie and Kathryne had fun running around and playing together. When we got home, I noticed a huge, red scratch on Sophie’s leg. I asked her where she got it. “I fell down while we were playing in the woods.” I consoled her and asked if she cried and she said no, because Mommy and Daddy weren’t around, so she just got up and kept playing. This answers the age old question, “If a child falls in the forest and there is no one around to hear it, does the child make a noise?” Apparently not.

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