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When’s Lillie gonna get here?

Baby Lillie is due September 14th but when will she actually get here? We would love, love, love to hear your guesses.
Please post your guesses as comments below. Note that you must log in to leave comments which means that you must register at the site. Be aware though, that the registration info only goes [...]

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Gloria and Terry Visit

Last weekend Molly’s cousin Gloria and her husband Terry stopped by to visit on their annual vacation up from the bay area. We all had a wonderful time visiting and playing croquet (Jon won). Sophie ran wild for most of the evening, but in retrospect this may have been because she was beginning to come [...]

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Sick Sophie

Sophie came home from school sick on Tuesday. She played and played Wednesday, suspiciously not looking that sick, but didn’t want to sit at the table and have dinner. Shad and I found her asleep with Emma on the couch– all the playing finally got to her.
She’s still sick, but we’re hoping that she will [...]

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Mima’s Visit

Mima came down to visit for the weekend, and she and Becky and Sophie have been having a great time getting caught up.

Mima brought a bunch of pretty dresses from Singapore for both Becky and Sophie (see Sophie’s website for pictures of her dresses, I’ll post them there) and had about thousand stories to tell. [...]

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Baby Clothes

Jason and Kristina were kind enough to send us the baby clothes that Julia has outgrown. We combined them with the pile of Sophie’s old baby clothes and Becky and Sophie had a grand time spending the morning sorting through and admiring it all. Sophie seemed bound and determined to try every single article of [...]

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