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Sophie and Lillie’s cousins Noah and Julia came down to visit over the weekend so they could meet Lillie. I got some pictures of the four of them together but haven’t gotten them off my camera yet. Kristina sent me this one though and it looks great so I’m just posting it instead. Noah and [...]

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The Baby

I had promised some new pictures a while ago, they are now online at and, so check em out.
We are doing well at home now, our biggest problem is still just arguing over who gets to hold the baby. Becky has an unfair advantage because Lillie wants to eat every 15 minutes or [...]

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Labor and Life At Home

We just brought Lillie home today. We stayed in the hospital from Wednesday until Friday morning.
Mother, Father, Baby and Sister are all doing well. The biggest issue so far is arguing about whose turn it is to hold Lillian, and that’s not a bad problem to have.
Contractions started at 6:30pm on Wednesday. I had said [...]

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Lillie Has Arrived!

Lillian Treat Stafford was born on September 20th at 11:03pm. She weighted 8 pounds 4 ounces and measured 20 1/2 inches long when born, and is basically just as cute as a button. We’ve just arrived home from the Hospital but will post many more pictures when we have the time.

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Getting Ready

It looks like Lillie will be coming on Thursday, Shad’s Birthday. Because she’s been resistant to coming out to meet us, the doctor has advised that if at our Wednesday appointment there are no signs that progress toward labor is being made, we should induce. That being said it there is some progress, we will [...]

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