Getting Ready

It looks like Lillie will be coming on Thursday, Shad’s Birthday. Because she’s been resistant to coming out to meet us, the doctor has advised that if at our Wednesday appointment there are no signs that progress toward labor is being made, we should induce. That being said it there is some progress, we will go home and wait a little longer for her to come on her own.

So today we are getting ready for our baby! We are doing the last minute grocery and baby shopping, washing laundry and cleaning the house. Sophie dusted the entire house– very helpful because she’s just the right height to get the surfaces that Mommy can’t bend over and reach, like the tops of the heaters and the bottom shelves of the bookcases.

We will of course keep you all posted on what happens at tomorrow’s appointement and when Lillie will come. The keep telling me that no baby has ever stayed in there forever but something tells me that this is a special little girl and anything could happen.

Sophie Dusting

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