Labor and Life At Home

We just brought Lillie home today. We stayed in the hospital from Wednesday until Friday morning.

Mother, Father, Baby and Sister are all doing well. The biggest issue so far is arguing about whose turn it is to hold Lillian, and that’s not a bad problem to have.

Contractions started at 6:30pm on Wednesday. I had said earlier in the day that there was no way that I would ever go into labor on my own and I was pretty much sure that induction was inevitable. So when the pain started getting more intense and contractions more regular, we were very suprise and cautious. I did NOT want to go to the hospital early and then get sent home.

Finally, at a little before 8:30, we called Molly and told her that she should come over, just in case. By the time she got here, contractions were coming every other minute and it was clear that we needed to head out. Still, I was so sure of my inability to go into labor that I kept saying “Well, let’s wait a little longer.” But Molly and Shad said “Um, no, you’re going.” And so we did.

We arrived around 8:30pm and Lillie was born at 11:03pm, so things progressed fairly quickly. I would say that we arrived at the perfect time.

I’m very proud of Shad. He did a wonderful job taking care of me while I went through the worst pain in my life, and then he even let me hold Lillie first and for as long as I wanted to.

Shad here: Becky did an amazing job through labor. She pushed out the baby without any pain medication of any kind, and though she screamed louder than I’ve ever heard before, she didn’t complain at all and didn’t try to inflict very much pain on me. I had no idea what to expect from the whole experience, and labor somehow seemed quite different than all the birthing movies we’d seen. We had prepared for a long drawn out process with distinctly defined stages, but it really went quite quickly. From the time they let Becky actually start pushing, it only took about 5 minutes and just 3 pushes to get the baby out. Prior to that we had been laboring in the shower and they had to practically drag her out for fear that she would actually deliver there. Becky really deserves a lot of credit, she did a superb job on the whole thing.

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