The Baby

I had promised some new pictures a while ago, they are now online at and, so check em out.

We are doing well at home now, our biggest problem is still just arguing over who gets to hold the baby. Becky has an unfair advantage because Lillie wants to eat every 15 minutes or so and that means an automatic trip to mom. Of course that has its drawbacks as well, as Becky has to stay up most of the night feeding her while the rest of us sleep. We’re all having fun though and Lillie pretty much never gets put down, so I think it is all good.

I want to write lots of interesting stories about the baby, but all she does is eat, sleep, and poop so there’s not that much to say. I love just sitting and holding her and will do it for hours, but I’m afraid that doesn’t translate into writing very well. Sophie wants to play with her a lot, which is hard because babies don’t play all that well, and Sophie tends to get bored with her after holding her for a few minutes. Yesterday she was holding Lillie and told Becky to bring her the “magnadoodle or something fun to do, because this is boring”. Sophie is really the best big sister imaginable though, she is very good with the baby and helpful in taking care of her, and she wants to show Lillie off to everyone.

Becky and Lillie

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