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What are the odds?

If you think the crash and the overdue baby were humorous, you’re sick. No really, if you think that was funny, here is the icing on the cake.
We decided to take the afternoon to run some errands across town. Because our “good car” is now our “totalled car” we had to take our 1989 Toyota [...]

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We might need to start a new pool

We went to our baby doctor again today — on the official due date — and he saw no signs that Lillie is coming any time soon. I think his quote was something like “what have you done with your cervix?” as it is now less dialated than it was 2 weeks ago. Becky is [...]

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Happy Birthday to Becky

Today is Becky’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Becky!
If you get a chance, give her a call and say hi. She’s home with Sophie today (and they have ballet this afternoon) so she won’t have a lot of time to chat, but I’m sure she’d love to hear from everyone.

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Update on the Pool

Well, most of us who predicted the early arrival of the baby were way off. Becky has been having contractions on and off (with one bunch last week that had us packing bags for the hospital before it subsided) and has shown most pretty much all of the signs of early labor, but still no [...]

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Cats in Hats

Molly, Sophie and Jon were all “The Cat in the Hat” in the Eugene Celebration Parade, representing the library. Sophie was a good little kitten and she and Molly wore their outfits and face paint for the entire day! As you can see, Sophie was pretty much as cute as she could be.

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