Star Wars

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) has a special exhibit right now of Star Wars props, costume and models. It was so cool, especially for Shad. Sophie didn’t really know what she was looking at– she’s never seen the movies. There were Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, Chewie, Luke, Han– the whole bunch– walking around taking pictures with people and generally adding to the atmostphere. As scary as the Storm Troopers are in real life, Sophie eventually got over it and started having fun with them. She ran around giving them high fives, shaking hands and, get this, blowing them kisses. Since there were a limited number of them walking around, Sophie hit them all more then a few times.

About a week later, Sophie was reading the encyclopedia to her doll, Emma, and she came running into the kitchen. “Mom, Mom, there’s a Storm Trooper wearing an American Flag in the encyclopedia!” It was, of course, an astronaut, but I think that the connection was reasonable.

Among the props at the museum, we saw the real costumes (Harrison Ford must have been very, very thin at the time and Darth Vader very, very tall) and Luke’s land speeder (also very small, but you can see that in the movie if you’re really looking). It was great and we would certainly recommend that you go, Star Wars fanatic or not.

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