Pumpkin Carving

Sophie and GranMolly went to the farm to get pumpkin. It weighs 60 pounds! We had a really tough time cutting through it and scraping it out.
Scooping out the Pumpkin

Once we got the drawing-the-face part it got more fun. Sophie designed the whole thing.
Drawing on the Face

Lillie found swinging more rewarding than participating in the pumpkin carving experience.
Lillie Watching

Carving the pumpkin

I, Becky, have no idea what this photo is about.
Shad and Sophie with the Pumpkin

Lillie in the pumpkin. I’m not sure how Shad got her to stand up, but she’s cute. She started trying to suck on/eat the pumpkin, so we had to take her out of it.
Lillie in the Pumpkin

Our Masterpiece
The Pumpkin at Night

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