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The Latest

Hey All! We haven’t been writing much not because we “have been busy” but rather because we haven’t had much to say.
Everyone is in general good health here, Shad is doing well in school and the girls are still adorable.
If you would like us to write something, invite us to come do something [...]

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Random Pictures

Sophie got to put Lillie in her little dolly stroller and push her around.

Here’s me with the Girls

And here’s Nick and Becky over at GranMolly’s house for dinner last night.

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The New Car

We finally got a car!
It’s a 1999 Honda CRV and we love it. It’s blue. Finally we get a car and Molly gets her’s back. And it’s fun to take Sophie to soccer practice in an SUV.
I’m sure that Shad will post a picture just as soon as he gets a chance.

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