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Becky and I have been sick for the past couple of days and have been looking for new housing, so the thanksgiving pictures are a little delayed.
Here we are hiking Spencer’s Butte

Everyone (except Molly and Jon) at the top:

And the reward for good hiking:

And here we all are:

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Visiting Mima

We went up to Portland this weekend to visit Mima and Alex. Here is Sophie wearing Uncle Nick’s motorcycle helmet and telling everyone that she is a storm trooper. We went shopping and got Sophie and Lillie matching hoodies and socks from Hanna Andersson.

And of course, you can’t get enough pictures of theh big sister [...]

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Trick-or-Treating Pictures

Finally, here are some of the trick-or-treating pictures.

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Mushroom Festival

We are not always the best at remembering the take a camara with us on excursions, so there are no pictures of this event. Don’t worry, I put a camara in the diaper bag, where it will stay from now on.
So we went to a Mushroom Festival at Mount Pisgah, in the same building where [...]

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Happy Halloween!

Of course, yesterday was Halloween and Sophie took advantage of it to the fullest. She ran from house to house, practically knocking down her Trick or Treating companion, her friend Allison, in the process. She was, however, very well behaved and polite. (She did seem to get two candies at an awful lot of the [...]

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