Happy Halloween!

Of course, yesterday was Halloween and Sophie took advantage of it to the fullest. She ran from house to house, practically knocking down her Trick or Treating companion, her friend Allison, in the process. She was, however, very well behaved and polite. (She did seem to get two candies at an awful lot of the houses, though).

We also went to a Bingo party that one of Molly’s organizations threw yesterday. Sophie and Lillie both had a good time, with Lillie being passed from person to person. I didn’t hold her at all throughout the event. We had a great time and it was a good way to start out the celebration of Halloween.

Shad will post pictures of the Trick or Treating, although I’m not sure how the turned out, considering that it was tough to get Sophie to stand in one place long enough to snap a photo.

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