Vernonica’s Visit

Veronica & Efrain came to visit for part of the holiday season. They came down to Eugene for the night and then we all went up to Portland to spend time with Mima and the Portland gang. This is Mima’s Christmas Tree– a tree that changed everyday, in this picture we hadn’t added the red beads yet and it still has the strand of large, pink beads that Sophie took and used for a leash for her stuffed puppy.

Veronica and Efrain
There was a power outage the night that we all got to Portland. In this picture it doesn’t seem like we are without light, because of the flash on the camera, but believe me, it was dark. The candles eventually burned down and we had to quit our game due to lack of light. Still, it was fun and I can’t say that I’m sorry it happened. We sang songs and talked and, of course, sat around playing games.

In fact, we had so much fun that the following night Sophie insisted that we play power outage and kept turning off all of the lights, including the ones that people were using so they could take showers and the like.

The lights came back on just as we were all settled into bed– which meant that we had to delegate someone to run around and turn them all off.

Playing cards during the power outage

Veronica crocheted scarves for all of us. You can spot them in these pictures. They are all different in color and pattern– very cool. We all wore and borrowed each other’s scarves for the rest of the visit. Even baby Lillie got one, and Aunt Veronica made her a bigger one for when she is a little older. Not only did they look cool, but they were actually quite handy when the power went out and the temperature dropped. Oddly enough, we were freezing in the house and the fridge was warm. Luckily, there were enough of us in the house that no one was without someone to cuddle.
To Owen, you were right, the weather did get freaky while we were in California, but alas, we didn’t miss it all. Since we have returned we have experienced two power outages, freezing fog (that’s a sight, let me tell you) and rain and more rain. Even for Sophie the thrill of seeing your breath when you go outside is subsiding. It’s cold and uncomfortable here.

Mima and Lillie

We went over to Granddad’s while in Portland, and Sophie got her Niller’s fix. That dog will let her do anything and he never even nips or fusses. So here are Sophie and Granddad with Nillers and Lillers.
Sophie, Nillers, Granddad and Lillie

Aunt Veronica and Lillian were attached at the hip the whole visit. They were totally hogging each other.

Vernonica and crew

Alex and Veronica with their babies

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