All’s Well Here

Because we haven’t had cause to write in a while, I thought I would just let everyone know that everything is just peachy here. We are happy. We have settled into mommy working, Sophie and Shad back in school after the winter break and taking care of Lillie. Our days are happy but uneventful.

Shad and I are reading “Lord of the Rings”. We are reading “Little House In The Big Woods” to Sophie (Read all about on We actually finished that, but we are re-reading it, as the library has no available copies of “Little House On The Prarie”.

Lillie is mostly sleeping through the night and we can’t complain, she’s pretty great.

That’s all from here. I hope that we do something interesting soon so that we can post pictures and stories, but until then, we are wonderful and we hope that you are, too. Please post comments to let us and everyone else know what you guys are up to, too.

Love you all!

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