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Woman At Work

I just finished my first day back to work. So far, so I good. Although Lillie is less than thrilled about taking a bottle (the reports are that she really won’t), and I’ve been hesitant to leave my girls, I have to admit that work is going well. They like having me back and I [...]

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Christmas Morning

This is what Santa left for us to wake up to Christmas morning. I think that the bow on the bike is a nice touch. Picture Perfect.

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Pictures from Christmas at Molly and Jons

These are a little late, but here are some pictures from Christmas at Molly and Jon’s house. Jason and Kristina brought Noah and Julia down so we had quite a little crowd.
Shad’s paternal grandmother knit stockings for Shad, Jason, Molly and Jon, and Molly knitĀ  them for the daughters-in-law and all of the grandchildren. I [...]

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