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Hair Color

Aunt Alex came to spend some time with us last week. She wanted to color her hair. It actually came out quite well.
Sophie wanted to be like her aunt so we got her some temporary hair color. I’m sure this is just the first of a long long of definant hair styles we will see [...]

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Sniffle, Sniffle

We are all sick. Daddy came home sick yesterday. Today, Sophie stayed home from school and she and Lillie and Daddy spent the day at home suffering together. Mommy went to work and feels like crap now. Sophie has a fever and we are all totally wiped out. It’s going around at Sophie’s school (two [...]

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At the Park

 Aunt Alex came down to visit for almost a week. We went to the park to plant trees and we were about 4 hours too late, so we just hang out, enjoying the weather.

Sophie, like most children, likes to throw rocks in the water.

I was unaware that Shad was taking pictures while Alex and I [...]

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At the Game

 We all went with GranMolly to the UO women’s basketball game on Saturday. We lost by a lot, but it was a ton of fun. Sophie and Lillie both really enjoyed it. Lillian didn’t cry, or fuss, or even want to eat– she just watched the game and the crowd. At one point, she dozed [...]

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Trip to the Park

Sophie is always in the mood for a bike ride so we took her to a park we hadn’t been to before for a little ride and some exploring. Sophie got to go uphill and then downhill. It’s funny, but she didn’t know how to go downhill– about coasting and not riding her brakes– so [...]

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