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Coming Soon!

   We apologize for not posting more frequently. We have been doing some fun stuff,  and I will personally make sure that the photos and stories get on the site this weekend.
We are planning on planting a garden this weekend. Last weekend, Mima gave us an orange tree and Shad had already planted some peas [...]

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Lillian’s Tooth

Here’s a random picture of the girls sharing some cheerios for breakfast a couple days ago. I just wanted to have something to post along with the news that Lillian cut her first tooth! It showed up yesterday and while it’s not much to look at, you can definitely feel that its there. The girls [...]

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Tee’s Farm

Sophie and I went out to Tee’s yesterday to see the new baby horse, Nacho. It was a beautiful sunny day and the horses were running around the field and frolicking, so we had a great time. You can see more pictures of Tee’s horses at

Watching the horses run in the fields was really [...]

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Track Meet

Becky mentioned in her last post that we went to a track-meet last weekend. We actually took some pictures of it, but I have been very slow about getting them posted. Here they are:

The pictures above makes the stands look empty, but as you can see below, there were actually a fair number of people [...]

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The day before Easter we went to a track meet with GranMolly and Gromper. We had an excellent time eating stromboli and cookies and watching all the events. The javelin was a particular favorite of mine, especially because the judges 1) are very dedicated to being right there when it hits and 2) have [...]

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