The day before Easter we went to a track meet with GranMolly and Gromper. We had an excellent time eating stromboli and cookies and watching all the events. The javelin was a particular favorite of mine, especially because the judges 1) are very dedicated to being right there when it hits and 2) have no fear.

After the meet we all went over to GranMolly’s to dye eggs for the impending holiday. I made a three color one, very neat. Lillian knocked over an entire container of dye before we had even gotten started. Luckily, the dye was the same color as the table cloth, so 1) it blended in and 2) well, you see the color of the table cloth.

Sophie dying easter eggs

Here are Lillie and Sophie on Easter morning, very cute in their easter dresses.

Lillie and Sophie

Mommy, Lillian and Sophie in GranMolly’s backyard.

The girls in their Easter Dresses

This is Lillian’s first Easter, Daddy helped her find her basket and explore its contents.

Lillie with Easter Basket

Sophie looking for eggs in the Stafford Library.
Sophie hunting for eggs

Sophie with her Easter Basket
This is the entire Stafford family.

Sophie, Shad, Becky, Lillie, GranMolly, Gromper, Kristina (Jason’s Wife), Noah, Jason (Shad’s brother) and Julia.

Family Photo

Aunt Tee came on Easter day and so did family friend Jennifer. We all had a very nice Easter, thanks to family and three excellent meals at Molly’s house.

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