Coming Soon!

   We apologize for not posting more frequently. We have been doing some fun stuff,  and I will personally make sure that the photos and stories get on the site this weekend.

We are planning on planting a garden this weekend. Last weekend, Mima gave us an orange tree and Shad had already planted some peas and Molly gave us a bunch of vegetable seeds, so the time has come for us to get it all organized and make ourselves a real garden. As we are not able to actually dig up the ground at our house, we plan to get some above ground planters. The orange tree will stay in the pot and live inside and outside as the seasons change.

Lillie is pulling herself up on everything, eating as much as two jars of baby food in one sitting and can finally hold her own against Sophie. They are able to play now, things like patty-cake and let’s-crawl-around-pretending-to-be-kitties.  We have begun baby proofing, as Lillie is getting into everything. Gone are the days when we could leave her on the floor while we disposed of a diaper– nope, come back now and she will be in the fireplace, or trying to crawl up to the fishtank.

So we will have more stories and photos posted this weekend!Have a good weekend.

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