Our New Stroller

We have had a very hard time finding a stroller that will accomodate a baby and a little girl who should not be riding in one at all. Finally we found a stroller combination bike trailer that we think will do the job.

Shad and the girls put it together…

Putting the Stroller Together

Lillian helped in her own way…

Lillie helping with the stroller

Little problem… it doesn’t fit out the door…Can’t fit out the door

The girls like the stroller, for a while…. Then they just want to run and/or be held, but it’s nice to have anywayMommy and Stroller

  1. mima said on June 17th, 2007 at 10:36 pm:

    That reminds me of the one we had for Kelly and Alex. We made Nick ride his own bike because he was bigger. Poor Grandad had to tow them all over the place behind his bike.

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