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Hey Y’all!

Happy Father’s Day… Shad said that he had a great Father’s Day. A few years ago, for Mother’s Day, Shad took dictation for Sophie, listing out all of the reasons that she loves me. I look at that all the time, and it is by far the best gift I’ve ever recieved. Nothing is better than a little girl telling you with all the innocence in the world, with no hidden agenda, that she loves you and why. So this year Shad also got one of those cards. I hope it had the same effect on him. Alex and Nick also called Shad to wish him a happy Father’s Day, which was very thoughtful. Also, Shad got to eat meat for the occasion. He busted out the grill, got some steaks and made the most of the opportunity. Good for him.

We have been doing very well here and we hope that you have been too. We are having a party tomorrow night so there will soon be pictures of that. And Lillie and Sophie are as cute as ever, so check their sites for stories and photos, although I shouldn’t promise photos without asking Shad first, but I’ll make sure that some get posted.

Love you all

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