Raspberry Festival

Our friends Bryan and Natasha throw a party every year when the raspberries in their backyard get ripe. We went again this year and as usual had a great time (plus we found out that Natasha is pregnant, go Natasha!). Everyone doted on both Sophie and Lillie, and the girls had a lot of fun eating lots of raspberries. Sadly, I failed to get any pictures of them indulging themselves in the berry patch.

Cute picture of Becky, Lousy picture of Lillie

Sophie seemed pretty much at ease at a party of mostly grownups. She would stop by to say hi periodically and then disappear into the crowd again, mostly hunting down the other babies and kids that were there.

Lousy picture of Sophie

Sophie runs off to play

Shad with the girls

Lillie discovered that she likes beer, or at least chewing on beer bottles….

Lillie drinking beer


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