4th of July

We had a 4th of July party at our house on…the fourth of July. In the morning, Molly, our neighbor Claire (featured here in purple) and I ran/walked the Butte To Butte.

Then it was time to party (we also went blueberry picking and swimming before the evening festivites).

4th of July

Tee, Becky and Molly

Tee came out to celebrate with us, as did Claire and our next door neighbors, Lee and Dave. The woman across the street, Maxine, even showed up for a while.

Lillie and Sophie

We set up the food at a table just Lillian’s height, and put out blueberries on it, so Lillian was in baby heaven.

Gromper and Lillie


Sophie playing in her tent

Sophie set up a tent in the front yard. She tried to convice someone to sleep outside with her. I would have, but you know, gotta take care of Lillie at night.

Claire, Tee, and Lee

Tee and Lee. Two women who tend to dodge the camera were caught!

Dave, Lee, and Sophie

Sophie and Dave and Lee. Sophie adores them and tries to spend more time at their house than at ours. She likes to go over there and help them with their yard work.

Gromper playing croquet

We played croquet on Lee and Dave’s front lawn all night.


Lillie sleeping

Lillian didn’t make it through the entire party.

We all had fun. Neighbors are great.

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