Granddad’s Wedding

Granddad and Leslie married this weekend, on July 7th. We all attended the ceremony, including the Stafford clan- Molly, Jon, Jason and Kristina. It took place at a beautiful bed and Breakfast in Portland, the Lion and the Rose.

Becky and Lillie

Molly and Jon

Kristina and Jason

Sophie getting her Corsage

Sophie was a fairy princess in the wedding. Leslie was sweet enough to let Sophie share a little of the spotlight.

Nillers in his Tux

What wedding is complete without Nillers?

The flower girls (and Nillers)

Leslie’s nieces were so sweet– Chloe and Emme hit it off with Sophie right away, all three of them took Nillers on walks around the block, played, ran around and put on make up, they were all excited to have cousins, although I have not worked at the real relationship, cousin says it all.

The Bagpipe Player

Catching a nap before the wedding

Roses everywhere

Lillie’s Corsage

That is a rose bud on Lillian’s arm, it was so tiny. So cute, we had to get a picture. We put it on when she was sleeping, so it actually stayed on for a while.

Sophie with Nillers

Pink was the theme, as in all good weddings, I think.

Granddad saying his vows

The happy couple married earlier in the day by a real offical so that they wouldn’t have to worry about legal stuff during their wedding. They shared their vows and did a sand ceremony and it was very touching, as the handled the entire thing themselves, no one telling they what to do.

Granddad and Lillie

Granddad seems to like getting his granddaughters covered with treats.

Congratulations Granddad and Leslie! Thanks for sharing your special moments with us.

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