Behind in Blogging

So we’ve gotten a little behind in blogging again. This is partially because we’ve done lots of fun things, but forgotten to take the camera or take any good pictures. Jason and Kristina brought Noah and Julia down for Molly’s birthday, and we spent a lot of time hanging out with them. The kids all loved playing, but we only got a few pictures, and none of them were very good

Julia, Molly and Lillie

Playing on the floor

We also went to a neat event at the library, the dedication of the Wiper Rotunda and the benches there. It was fun to hobnob with the mayor and see the bench that Jon and Molly dedicated to their grandkids. Sophie was particularly cute, and I really wish we’d gotten pictures, but we forgot to take the camera.

Last weekend we went out to the farm that we buy our boxes of produce from for a potluck and garlic braiding party. (We’re part of a community farm, where we pay a fee at the beginning of the year, and then every week we get a box with nice local produce in it). It was great fun seeing the farm, taking a hay-ride, and braiding the garlic, but again we forgot the camera. Becky, Sophie, and Molly all did nice garlic braids (with dried flowers worked in), but we only got a picture of Sophie’s, and that was only after we got home. We had a ton of fun at the event, I’m just sorry we don’t have any pictures of it

Sophie’s garlic braid

Becky and I got to go on a date last weekend while Sophie was visiting Granddad (we left Lillie with Molly and Jon for the evening). Here we are dressed up and ready to go out

Becky and Shad

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