Lillian & Shad’s Birthdays

Lillie is ONE!!! It seems like she just got here, and now we’ve had her for a whole year. Wow. Everyone talks about how cute new babies are, but I have to say that my favorite Lillie stage is right now. She’s giving kisses, signing words, running around and always smiling. Her number one characteristic right now is smiling, always happy.
We celebrated her birthday with Mima, Glenpa, Molly, Jon, Jason, Noah, Julia and our little family. It was really fun. She blew at the candle. She wasn’t able to blow it out, but the flame moved. She’s so cute. We will post pictures of it.

We had a party later in the evening for Shad at the Stafford’s. It was fun too and Shad got a lot of the things that he wanted. Whereas it is hard to believe that Lillian is already a year old, Shad is most certainly still an old man.

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