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Girls playing in the rain

The girls love the back porch on the new house. Even when it is raining they want to play outside.

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More Pictures from Sophie’s Birthday

I promised more pictures from Sophie’s birthday party. Here they are.
Molly really made a spectacular cake. It had three layers, chocolate on top and bottom and white with a strawberry filling in the middle. It tasted fantastic and looked gorgeous too

All the kids ate lunch at the table

Lillie and Juila are buddies:

In the evening, we [...]

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Sophie’s Birthday

We had Sophie’s birthday party yesterday because her actual birthday falls on thanksgiving this year, and we figured it would be too much to cram into just one day. Jason and Kristina brought the twins down, and granddad and Leslie brought Alex, and of Molly and Jon and Tee all showed up as well. We [...]

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Beach Trip

After all the stress and hassle of moving (we’ll write about that sometime, I  promise), we decided to take a weekend and head over to the beach. It was foggy in the valley, but sunny and gorgeous along the coast.

We played on the beach all morning, then headed up to Newport to go to the [...]

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Halloween Picts. More to come

Molly and the girls formed a little coven and brewed up some fun at the PEO Bingo Bash.

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