Beach Trip

After all the stress and hassle of moving (we’ll write about that sometime, I  promise), we decided to take a weekend and head over to the beach. It was foggy in the valley, but sunny and gorgeous along the coast.

Lillie and Becky at the Beach with Sophie in the background

We played on the beach all morning, then headed up to Newport to go to the aquarium in the afternoon. Sophie and Lillie had never been there and they both thought it was great.

Looking at crabs

In the aquarium

Lillie loved crawling under this aquarium and looking out from the middle of it. She would have played in this one spot all afternoon if we’d let her.

Sophie, Lillie, and Shad

The Oregon Coast Aquarium has a great display where you walk through a tunnel inside enormous aquariums. We didn’t get any great pictures of it (hard to do without spending more effort than I wanted to), but the girls just loved it. Here’s a picture of a more traditional display.

Looking at the fish

After the aquarium we found a hotel and went swimming in the pool.

Swimming at the hotel

We were so worn out after the day that we scrapped our plans for going out to dinner and just ate fast food in the hotel room. It was a great trip though, we all had a wonderful time.

Lounging in the hotel room

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