Sophie’s Birthday

We had Sophie’s birthday party yesterday because her actual birthday falls on thanksgiving this year, and we figured it would be too much to cram into just one day. Jason and Kristina brought the twins down, and granddad and Leslie brought Alex, and of Molly and Jon and Tee all showed up as well. We had a grand time, but Becky and I didn’t take a lot of pictures, so I don’t have much to show here. Everyone else was snapping pictures all day long though, so when we get pictures from somebody maybe we’ll post them here.

Here are a few pictures that we did get. Mima got Sophie a doll-house, and we spent some time earlier in the week starting to put it together

Assembling the dollhouse

Sophie figuring out where a piece goes

Much progress made

We had tortilla soup and nachos for lunch. The kids all seemed to enjoy it

The Kids all eating lunch

The kids didn’t pay too much attention to Sophie opening the presents, but she got all kinds of good stuff and had a lot of fun. We’ll have to get some pictures of her in her new Doctor outfit.

Sophie opening a present

Sadly, we got no pictures of the gorgeous Barbie cake that Molly baked, but I know someone else did, so I’ll try to post them eventually.

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