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Here’s just a coupe pictures from Christmas, I’ll post more in a few days:
Becky with the girls in their new Christmas dresses from Mima

Sophie got a little remote control dog (now named Peggy). Both she and Lillie love it

And the chaos from christmas morning

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The Children’s Museum

The morning before we flew off to Corpus Christi we went to the Children’s museum. We figured we would want the kids tired out before the long flights, and it seemed like a good way to do it. It turned out that it was enormously fun and both the girls had fantastic times.

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Corpus Christi

We started out in Portland on Friday and flew to Denver and then on to San Antonio. We arrived in San Antonio at midnight and loaded the girls into a rental mini-van and made the two hour trek to Corpus Christi. Except that the two hour trek took about 4 hours.
Here we are in the [...]

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Our new house

As I was looking at our site, it occurred to me that we never posted a picture of the new house we’re renting.  There’s a long story about moving — which I’ll let Becky tell if she’s so inclined — but the end result is that we’re in a new house and we absolutely love [...]

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Here are some pictures from our traditional Thanksgiving Day hike up Spencer’s Butte. It was very cold, but clear on the top so we got some great views. Sophie did a fantastic job, walking all the way up and down all by herself. Lillie wanted to be just like her big sister and did a [...]

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