Corpus Christi

We started out in Portland on Friday and flew to Denver and then on to San Antonio. We arrived in San Antonio at midnight and loaded the girls into a rental mini-van and made the two hour trek to Corpus Christi. Except that the two hour trek took about 4 hours.

Here we are in the airport. Ahh the days of youth when flying was an adventure.

In the airport

Sophie and Shad in the airport

In Texas we hung out with Aunt Veronica and Uncle Efrain and Efrain’s family. We got to eat authentic Mexican food, play with Efrain’s sister, Mikki’s baby, Xavier and play video games. Of course most fun of all was seeing Veronica, with whom we spent the most time with. We played a ton of “Settlers of Catan”, including three games in one night after the girls went to bed, so it was not an early night. That was one of the best times for me there. Ask Veronica about Mr. Sandman next time you see her. And have her sing you the “Orr” song.

Veronica and Becky

The reason for taking the trip now was that Veronica has finished her schooling and is now a bona fide sonologist (think baby-in-belly-ultrasounds). Here she is graduating…


Veronica Graduating

With Veronica

The girls

Kelly, Becky, Tamara, Mima, Veronica

We all decided to go swimming :4 Staffords, 2 Romilys, 2 Penas and 6 Frys. In one elevator.

In the elevator going swimming

At the pool

Some of us got together and got quite a whirlpool going. We had races and other competitions, too. The water was really warm, so it was fun to dunk and splash and throw the throwable sized children. It was one of the funnest times I’ve had in a pool since being an adult (ever notice that swimming was more fun when you were a kid? I have)

Swimming (courtesy of the Frys)


Veronica and Efrain took us to an awesome park and throughout the week we visited more parks to keep the babies active. Doesn’t it look like fun?

At the park

Admiring Sophie’s skinned back

I hate Glenpa

On the pier

Veronica got us tickets to go to the Aquarium. Here are Shad, Veronica, Sophie and Lillian waiting to watch the dolphin show.

At the Aquarium waiting for the dolphin show

A dolphin trick

We could also view the dolphins from under the tank, which of course is a blast.

The dolphins from underwater

Sophie with a dolphin

Sophie and Becky with a Caiman

No one loves fish and aquariums more than my girls…and my husband. We did the whole aquarium twice.

Admiring the otter

Sophie and Veronica

There was a park at the aquarium so we took the opportunity to run around outside there too.

Playing in another park

Veronica and Lillie on slide

Hanging out really wore the girls out.

Asleep after a hard day

We got to hang out with Efrain’s family a lot and despite the language barriers (we speak almost no spanish and they speak about that much english) we were able to have a lot of fun together, including cooking with Abuela.

All the time there are warm, fresh tortillas and great beans and meats to make tacos with. So we hung around in the kitchen a lot. Despite never having met these people before, by the end of our stay there, we were all hugging and kissing goodbye and we miss all of them so much.

Abuela’s Kitchen

Abuela making tortillas. Sophie spent a lot of time with Abuela. She helped her cook and take care of Xavier, folding laundry and feeding him. She may not have spoken Spanish and Abuela may not have spoken English, but there was a real bond there and they communicated just fine.

Abuela making tortillas

Note that Veronica wore long sleeves and even sweaters for a large portion of the time we were there, despite weather of about 80 degrees and 80 percent humidity. We went down to the beach to walk along and play in the water. But it was actually windy and below, gasp, 75 degrees, and the sand there is much more coarse there than it is here, all adding up to not wanting to walk around on the beach very much.

Last day at the beach

We had a great time in Texas, despite the crazy weather and taxing flight route. Thanks for letting us come see you, Aunt Veronica, we miss you! And we miss everyone else down there too!

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