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GranMolly’s Blog

GranMolly has a blog where she posts pictures too. She got out of the habit of it for a long time, but has recently posted bunches of pictures. Head over to to check them out.

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School’s Back In Session

After the very exciting holidays, it is now January and everything is getting back to normal.
 The newest thing is that Lillian is now attending the same school that Sophie does. She goes two mornings a week. Shad takes the girls on the bus (an adventure they eagerly look forward to) and they get there and [...]

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Playing in the snow

On Sunday we drove up to the mountain to play in the snow some. We went to whitebranch, where they had just gotten a foot of new powdery snow the night before. We didn’t have quite enough warmth and ended up getting cold quickly, but we had fun while we were there

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