School’s Back In Session

After the very exciting holidays, it is now January and everything is getting back to normal.

 The newest thing is that Lillian is now attending the same school that Sophie does. She goes two mornings a week. Shad takes the girls on the bus (an adventure they eagerly look forward to) and they get there and dropped off by about 8:30. I come and get the girls after lunch at 12:30. GranMolly watches Lillie two other mornings a week and this allows me to get in my 20 hours at work.  Sophie is in school all four mornings and the girls and I get Mondays all to ourselves. It works out for everyone.

Lillie doesn’t cry when we drop her off or pick her up. She is happy to go and happy to see us again. I think that it helps that she knows Sophie is on campus with her and that Sophie enjoys school. Lillie has been picking Sophie up from school with me since she was born and I think that she was chomping at the bit to get to be involved in the experience.

Today Molly is taking Lillian to gymnastics at the rec. center today for a baby gymnastics class.  I’m sure they are both going to have a blast.

Now if only I could get in on the school action…

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