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Sleeping with the Fishes

The long awaited sleepover at the Aquarium was this weekend. We got there about 6pm, bubbling with excitement. We all met in a classroom so before the night officially started we walked around looking at things in jars…

Most of the night was looking in the tanks and at the exhibits in a personal setting – [...]

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Crazy cake

Becky and the girls outdid themselves Sunday night. They made a garden cake, complete with worms (the gummy variety), dirt (crushed oreos), sprouting plants (sour straws), and a grass border (dyed coconut).
Not only was it visually spectacular, it was actually quite tasty; even winning Gromper’s begrudging approval.

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So a couple weeks ago we had a nice little snow storm here. The girls had a great time getting out and playing in it, and I remembered to take a few pictures. Unfortunately it took me forever to get them posted, but here they finally are

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So all is well here on Alder Street.
Lillian is doing very well at school. She waves bye-bye to Daddy when he drops her off and greets Mommy with a big smile and a hug when I come to pick her up.¬†We are very lucky that she doesn’t give us a guilt trip.
Sophie is growing like [...]

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