Sleeping with the Fishes

The long awaited sleepover at the Aquarium was this weekend. We got there about 6pm, bubbling with excitement. We all met in a classroom so before the night officially started we walked around looking at things in jars…

Becky and Lillie in the classroom

Most of the night was looking in the tanks and at the exhibits in a personal setting – just 16 people running around- the place was mostly to ourselves.

Lillie appreciated the anchovies.

Lillie with fish

We did a scavenger hunt, reading clues about the exhibits and finding out which animal they are talking about. Sophie and Mommy worked on it together…

Sophie and Becky working on the scavenger hunt

One of the coolest things is that we got to play in the touch table without the crowds. Water + Sea Creatures = one happy Lillie

Shad and Lillie at the touch table

Sophie at the touch table


(One of these tried to eat me once…)

Sea Anemones

Of course, the best part, the thing that we paid for, sleeping in the shark tunnel! We snuggled in our sleeping bags, listened to sea myths read by the sleepover attendants, and fell asleep looking at the sharks. Everytime we woke up through out the night, we could look up and see the sharks, it was eerie but cool. Sometimes the sharks would swim by and look like they were IN the tunnel. It was awesome.

Ready for bed

Sophie in an old sea helmet… can you imagine going under the water in that thing?

Sophie in a diving helmet

The next morning we got a behind the scenes tour of the aquarium. The octopus came out, with a little poking from the staff. And we got to watch the seal and sea lion trainers working with the animals. That was really cool.

Feeding time for the seals

It was great and the girls loved it. Afterward we went to the beach and dug in the sand. A happy, happy trip

  1. Shad said on February 19th, 2008 at 1:16 pm:

    There’s nothing quite like waking up and watching the underside of a 7 foot long shark as it swims right over you. The tunnel is just curved plexiglass all the way over the top, and when you’re looking up you can’t really tell that there’s anything there. Sometimes it really did feel like the sharks were right there in the tunnel with us.

    Sorry we couldn’t get better pictures of what it was like in the tunnel (and of the rest of the weekend for that matter). It was just too dark for our little camera to get good pictures. It is one of the few times I have wished that I was lugging around a big fancy camera…

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