Finally… The Zoo

It has been such great weather lately, that we took the opportunity to go to Portland last weekend and went to the Portland Zoo. Aunt Alex was able to come with us, so we got to spend some great time with her, too. I think that she liked to share her love of all things wild with her little nieces.

We packed a great picnic lunch and enjoyed it first thing…no one made it very long before we wanted to eat!


Shad and Lillie

Lillie was most excited about the elephants. She really wanted to check out these things in real life to see if they live up to their massive reputation. 

When asked about the elephants later, Lillie said, “So big, so big” She also got to see a little elephant, which she assumed was a baby, it may not have been. Still, that is what we are calling it.


We took the MAX to the Zoo, and with a MAX ticket, we got a free train ride! 


Lillie taking a drink out of the CamelBack…

Lillie with CamelBack

Everyone enjoying the train ride…

Sophie on the Train


Lillie, Shad and Sophie on the train


Alex on the train


Shad and Sophie on the train


Of course, Alex was most excited to see the leopards. When we got to the leopard area, Alex took the girls, holding Lillie and squatting down to help Sophie look for them. Shad and I wandered to the other side of the area, and we saw that the leopards were on THIS side, right up against the glass. So we hollered, “Hey girls, they are over here and they are right up by the glass!” Well, devoted Aunt Alex, appreciator of animals and lover of her nieces, ditched the girls and ran to where we were. “Where, where?” Yes, Alex, where are my girls?!?  Ha, Ha, it was fine, we don’t blame her and she was very embarrassed. It’s ok, Alex, we understand.




The bear was also right up near the glass. I’ve never seen so many animals right there, where they can be seen close up. The monkey and the polar bear were also getting up close and personal and it was very cool to see. Even the hippos were standing. I was most impressed by the size of the hippos — they are huge, forget elephants.

Sophie and the bear

There was also a little petting zoo with sheep and goats… (you’re going to have to turn your head to the side for some of these…)

Shad and Lillie petting the sheep



After playing with the sheep, I washed Lillie’s hands and she kept saying “Mo’ sheep, mo’ sheep”


Sophie got to feed the goats…

Sophie feeding Sheep




Other random zoo picts…


After the zoo, we all went over to visit with uncle Nick. We all took the girls to Nick’s apartment playground…

This is Lillie and Nick on the swing — note the look on Lillie’s face. Uncles go high. The other stud is Nick’s roommate and best friend, Poulo.

Nick and Lillie on the swing
Playing on the swings…the girl in the grayish shirt is Nick’s girlfriend, Brandy…oohhh.

Playing on the swings

And just to embarrass myself a little, I showed off my mad swinging skills…

After playing with the guys, we met up with Granddad and Leslie for dinner…

Everyone at Dinner

So there are the picts of our wonderful zoo trip. We hope that Alex will be able to make it to our next adventure, it was really great to have her. And she got a sunburn, no matter what she says.

  1. Aunt Alex said on May 14th, 2008 at 1:20 pm:

    I did not ditch the girl. I told them to follow me, they were just slow.

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