Indiana Jones Premier

You shall never find bigger Indiana Jones fans that myself and my siblings. The fourth (and after watching the movie, let’s hope it’s the final) installment of the Indiana Jones series, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls, premiered last month. We are not the kind of people who dress up like Klingons, Harry Potter, Darth Vader, or (does this ever happen?) Frodo Baggins. But you can’t pass up a chance to let the world know that, hey man, Indiana Jones is real.

The Cast:

Alex, Nick, Brandy, Poulo and Amanda

Alex as Marion Ravenwood (4th Movie) Nick as Indiana Jones (Professor Indy),  Brandy as the lovely Elsa Schnider (3rd Movie), Poulo as that guy has the tattoo on his chest and chases down Indy in the boat (3rd Movie) and Amanda as Marion Ravenwood (1st Movie).

Shad went as either Marcus Brody or French archaeologist Bellock, depending on what kind of a mood you were in when you saw him. Either way he was way hot. I went as the girl with “Love You” on her eyelids. A good look for a girl who married her teacher. Alex’s friend Alex shared my vision and went as the sole boy in Dr. Jones’s archaeology class. Also Moon came.

 We all looked good, everyone thought so, no chance of missing us while panning the theater. But the award for best hot couple goes to Nick and Brandy…


Indy and Elsaкомпютри втора употреба

The pictures don’t do the night justice by any means, but at least these cell phone images are a peek into what Shad and I went all the way to Portland for in the middle of the night (Shad’s getting too old to do that, he belongs in a museum.)

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