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Becky’s Dig at Sage Hen Gap

Last week, I was able to go on my long awaited “dig”. I attended the University of Oregon’s field school as a volunteer. We dug at Sage Hen Gap, a site near Burns, Oregon. I have to admit that I’m not particularly fond of the desert and that I don’t like arrowheads, but I did [...]

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Rootbeer brewing

For Christmas, Jason gave me all his old home-brew equipment, and for the past couple of months Sophie and I have been brewing our own rootbeer. We’re still using a flavoring mix, but once we get it pretty well figured out we’ll start working on a recipe from raw ingredients. 
We brewed a batch last night, [...]

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Karen’s Wedding

Shad’s cousin Karen got married to Scott this weekend. The wedding was a blast. It was at Black Diamond Lake. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any pictures of the happy couple. Security was tight.
Lillie enjoying the lake with Noah and Aunt Kristina…

Uncle Pete, Tanner, Teagan, Mike, Courtney, Taylor and Becky…

Uncle Steve, Aunt Jan, Uncle Pete and [...]

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Aunt Jenee’s

Whew! We had a very busy weekend! Shad’s cousin, Karen, got married on Saturday at Black Diamond Lake in Washington. Friday, we headed up to Portland and spent the night at Granddad’s. Saturday we did the last three hours of the trip and went to the wedding. It was a lot of fun and we [...]

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Olympic Trials

The Track and Field Trials were in Eugene at Hayward Field this year. There were a lot of events for the people who couldn’t get (read: afford) tickets to the actual Trials. Here are photos of us enjoying the day there.
Bank of America was letting people make videos to send to China to pump up [...]

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