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Lillie’s Birthday Party

Lillie Turned TWO!!!
We had a nice party at out house, guests including the Portland cousins, Granmolly and Gromper, Mima and Margot and Luca.
Lillie is a very grateful child, everything is “thank you” and “please” so it was very amusing to see her light up and appreciate every present.

Lillie is my little baking helper, so I [...]

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Random Pictures from September

Lillie and Shad playing Guitar Hero…

Becky got dressed up to go to a birthday dinner for a friend. Becky looking nice was rare enough an occasion that it was worth taking a picture.

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Spanaway Getaway

We all went to Spanaway, Washington to spend time with Becky’s family there. People came from other states to get together at Aunt Jene’e’s for a few days of fun and family.
The first day we were there we went to the lake. Uncle Greg has a boat and we spent the day taking turns in [...]

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