Spanaway Getaway

We all went to Spanaway, Washington to spend time with Becky’s family there. People came from other states to get together at Aunt Jene’e’s for a few days of fun and family.

The first day we were there we went to the lake. Uncle Greg has a boat and we spent the day taking turns in the boat and on the shore visiting.


Sophie got to drive Uncle Greg’s boat, she took a little more than her fair turn and also drove in circles and made everyone sick. 

Lillie in the boat… Lillie also got to drive, on Daddy’s lap

At the time of this event, Becky was a vegetarian, and Lillian seriously meat-deprived. So when Uncle Greg was eating a piece of fried chicken, she wasted no time in running over there and offering to share it with him.

After the lake we went back to Aunt Jene’e’s for dinner and fun. 

Volleyball in the yard…

Rock Band…Rick on vocals, Barry and Greg on guitar and Les on the drums. After the men played and retired, we all got a chance. 

The next morning it came to Becky’s attention that there were a few boys there who were in desperate need of a haircut, starting with the brave Garner.

Note Jesstine laying there watching her boyfriend (the VERY shaggy one) squirm, waiting for his.

Becky Note: I got the worst sunburn on my lower back where my shirt didn’t always protect me. Always cut hair in the shade.

The Yosts (Jene’e et al.) have a pool, the fact that it is unheated did not deter Lillie.

Becky and technically-uncle Barry discussing something of extreme importance no doubt…

Barry is about Shad’s age, not uncle age

The ever athletic Sophie tried her hand at pickleball… (note where the ball is and where it is not)

In the evening we all had ice cream cones. Sophie and Jessica ate theirs on the porch with Becky’s Grandpa Larry and Larry’s squeeze, Andy. Sophie told Andy and few words of a song and no music and Andy happened to know it so they got to sing it with them.

Inside Lillie shared an ice cream cone with Greg…

Shad and Lillie on the trampoline…

Grandpa Larry on the harmonica…

We all went out to lunch on the final day, again, Lillie getting more people to feed her.

Lillie, Rick and Grace…

Nana and Chuck

Us with Becky’s Grandpa…

Sorry that this one is sideways, I think it’s a good one to tell how it was on the way back home…

It was the best time…We have to do this again, guys!

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