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The Birthday Party, Part 2: Pizza

I wanted to throw Sophie’s party at the Children’s Museum, but we decided to just take the girls to the museum and then meet other family for a pizza party afterward. I have no experience with throwing a party in Portland, so I basically just picked a place out of the phone book. Well, the [...]

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Sophie’s 6th Birthday Party


Playing in the construction pit.

Stopping for a snack…

Sophie tackled Haleigh with face paint.

Lillie got a flower painted on her face by Allison, Haleigh’s mom, but she didn’t understand that she needed to turn her head in order to show it off.

Sophie’s face painting

The girls made it completely impossible for the salmon to reach the bottom [...]

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The Mushroom Festival

Eugene is somehow able to throw a very popular Mushroom Festival every year. It’s not like Eugene is known for it’s wonderful mushrooms – it’s just another thing that we do and everyone comes.
There is always a craft table for the children…


Mommy did not actually help — I just got bored wandering around aimlessly, so [...]

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The Beach

We like to go to the coast whenever possible. We ended up with a free suite at our favorite hotel, so we took the weekend to relax as a family.
Shad and Sophie at the harbor. A lot of boats are named after women…

A favorite hotel activity — jumping on the beds. 

We check out some games [...]

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Sophie got a pumpkin when her school went to the pumpkin patch, but Lillie was not so fortunate. So we took the girls to a local farm.
First things first — The corn maze… or as I like to say, the maize maze.

Lillie was sure we were constantly lost — and we really were most of [...]

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