Sophie got a pumpkin when her school went to the pumpkin patch, but Lillie was not so fortunate. So we took the girls to a local farm.

First things first — The corn maze… or as I like to say, the maize maze.

Lillie was sure we were constantly lost — and we really were most of the time. To settle/prevent fights, we told the girls that they could take turns deciding which way in the maze we went. Good plan for peace but it ensured that no one girl’s plan could be fully carried out.

The girls were witches for Halloween. Sophie wanted to be “something scary” but as I could not find a store that sold that costume, and seeing that Lillie was going to be a witch, Sophie changed her mind and wanted to match with her sister. 

Early on Halloween I took the girls to my office to Trick or Treat there. I didn’t realize how much candy there would be! Each department had candy. HR really decorated a lot, complete with scary music and cobwebs and lights out and a giant spider guarding the candy. When we left HR Lillie was pretty shaken and she said “Mommy, I don’t like HR.” No one does, honey. No one does.

We intended to go to a party on Halloween night, but as we were walking out the door, Sophie’s “best friend” from Kindergarten showed up to Trick or Treat. So we quickly changed plans and went out with Dora and her brothers. It was a much better night than we’d even planned.

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