The Beach

We like to go to the coast whenever possible. We ended up with a free suite at our favorite hotel, so we took the weekend to relax as a family.

Shad and Sophie at the harbor. A lot of boats are named after women…

A favorite hotel activity — jumping on the beds. 

We check out some games from the hotel and played around all night. Well, until at least 8:45 pm.

We got the girls are bundled up and went down to the beach, but only for about 10 minutes. It was pouring rain and, well, I don’t like rain.





We have a membership to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, so we went there twice during the trip. Because we go so often, the girls mixed it up this time and took paper and colored pencils and sketched their favorite fish and sea creatures.

Lillie is obsessed with fish and is certain that any day now we will be going to Hawaii. So she pointed out every fish that she thought she might see there.

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