The Birthday Party, Part 2: Pizza

I wanted to throw Sophie’s party at the Children’s Museum, but we decided to just take the girls to the museum and then meet other family for a pizza party afterward. I have no experience with throwing a party in Portland, so I basically just picked a place out of the phone book. Well, the place I picked happened to have a FERRIS WHEEL!

The girls rode on the Ferris wheel and then got off and got right back in line again. About 15 times.

The pizza place also had a Merry Go ‘Round. Lillie was taken against her will and made to ride it. Uncle Nick pointed out that it was very merciful of us to take pictures and make everyone else look to see how cute she is rather than actually rescue her. Perhaps, but we got this photo!

Sydney, Emma and Haleigh…

Sophie and I made flower shaped cupcakes. Sophie helped decorate them with colored frosting and sprinkles.

The final time for the party ended up being about 5 1/2 hours. It was fun and just what Sophie wanted but I think that it will be a long time before that happens again.

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